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Various Gas Purification Devices

Author:Various Gas Purification Devices Time:2019-05-07

These products can meet the customer's upgrade requirements for the purity of the existing gases (such as nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen, etc.), and for the simple, convenient and fast operation

Nitrogen purifier

 NCP Series Carbon-Loaded Nitrogen Purifier

 The carbon-supported nitrogen purifying device can remove impurities such as oxygen, water, carbon dioxide, and dust from the nitrogen. The device first uses hydrogen-free deoxidizer-palladium carbon fiber to directly remove oxygen from nitrogen. The deoxidation capacity is large, and the gas production cost is low. The principle is that trace oxygen in nitrogen reacts with carbon in deoxidizer to produce trace carbon dioxide, which is absorbed by desiccant and heated to regenerate after adsorption saturation. The two drying towers can be used alternately to make the whole system work continuously. Nitrogen purification unit adopts medium pressure purification process, which has the advantages of compact structure, simple operation, good purification effect and low energy consumption.

 Desiccants are designed to be replaced every two to three months, and the desiccant is recycled and regenerated in the device. The purifying device is equipped with electrical control and instrument box, which can realize automatic control.

 NHP Series Hydrogen-Supported Nitrogen Purifier

 The special palladium catalyst can make the chemical reaction of oxygen in nitrogen with hydrogen under the following conditions: 2H2+ O2==2H2O, the impurity depth can be removed to 1.0ppm, so this kind of equipment is widely used in semiconductor components, optical fiber, electronics, lighting, chemical instruments, heat treatment and other industrial sectors that require high purity nitrogen. The product is characterized by simple structure and good air tightness. The catalyst can be used for a long time without regeneration and absorption. he adsorbent can be continuously used after being adsorbed by water and carbon dioxide. The whole set of equipment pipelines and containers are professionally produced. The added hydrogen gas source is sent from the ammonia decomposition to the nitrogen purification hydrogenation port.

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