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NM Series Membrane Separation Nitrogen Making Machine

Author:NM Series Membrane Separation Nitrogen Making Machine Time:2019-05-07

The product uses compressed air as raw material and hollow fiber membrane separation technology, has out-of-the-box function and can produce cleaner and drier nitrogen in a short time without noise in the working process.

     Principle Description

Membrane separation nitrogen machine is composed of one or more membrane separators. When clean compressed air passes through the polymer membrane, the relative permeability of different gases in the membrane varies due to the difference of solubility and diffusion coefficient of various gases in the membrane.

When the pressurized purified air is used as the gas source, the gas with relatively fast permeation rate, such as water, hydrogen, oxygen, helium, carbon dioxide, is enriched on the permeation side of the membrane, while the gas with relatively slow permeation rate, such as nitrogen and argon, is enriched on the permeation side of the membrane.

Isogenous gases are enriched at the membrane retention side to separate the mixed gases. Nitrogen and other inert gases are enriched to high purity for production, while oxygen-enriched air enriched on the permeation side is used as exhaust gas. Nitrogen membranes use this principle to separate nitrogen and oxygen from air by means of multi-bundles of semi-permeable hollow fibers made of polymer materials.

Product Characteristics

a. Advanced technology. The product has the latest technology of atmospheric air separation;

b. No noise, no moving parts. The product can meet environmental protection requirements;

c. Expansibility. The product only needs to increase the membrane parts in parallel and increase the amount of compressed air of raw materials;

d. Compared with PSA for nitrogen production, it is small in size and light in weight.

e. Nitrogen products are clean without any dust or particles.

f. Quick start-up and shutdown, simple operation. The product can produce qualified nitrogen in a short time.

Flow rate: 1~3000Nm_/h

Nitrogen purity: 95-99.9%

Nitrogen pressure: 1-20 Bar (up to 50 MPa with supercharger)

Machine Form: According to the user's application, the equipment form can be box type, pry type and container type.

For more information and working conditions, please consult GSE.

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