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NPM Series Modular Nitrogen Generator
It is a star product of the new generation. The product is produced based on pressure swing adsorption technology, uses high-quality components, conceives plug and play system which has achieved 7 x 24 hours uninterrupted supply. The product is rich in models and can expand the capacity of nitrogen generator by adding CMS module.
NM Series Membrane Separation Nitrogen Making Machine
The product uses compressed air as raw material and hollow fiber membrane separation technology, has out-of-the-box function and can produce cleaner and drier nitrogen in a short time without noise in the working process.
NP Series Pressure-swing Adsorption Nitrogen Making Machine
With compressed air as raw material, pressure swing adsorption technology is selected, automatic control and unattended operation is realized. It can meet customers’ demand for large flow rate and high purity of nitrogen.
Various Gas Purification Devices
These products can meet the customer's upgrade requirements for the purity of the existing gases (such as nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen, etc.), and for the simple, convenient and fast operation

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Pre-sales Support
Sales personnel will explain the working principle of the equipment to potential customers, and provide reliable solutions for different customer's different working conditions, for customers' reference.
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The service staff will create a user profile and visit the customer's factory regularly or call back to learn about their usage of equipments
Return visit
The user profile is created, and the service personnel will periodically visit the customer's factory or call back to learn about the device usage.

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